The Bronisław Markiewicz State University of Technology and Economics in Jarosław (PWSTE in Jarosław) – a public vocational university in Podkarpacie. The university offers free full-time and part-time studies. It educates students at the undergraduate, engineering and graduate level and conducts postgraduate studies. In the field of teaching, PWSTE in Jarosław cooperates with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, the Kraków University of Technology, the University of Economics in Kraków and the University of Rzeszów.

Carpathian Euroregion – the Euroregion was established in 1993 to support cross-border cooperation in the area it covers. It is one of the largest. The Carpathian Euroregion was established on February 14, 1993 in Debrecen, Hungary, where representatives of the local authorities of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine signed an agreement on the creation of the Interregional Union “Carpathian” Euroregion and the ministers of foreign affairs of Poland, Ukraine and Hungary supported this initiative by signing the Declaration on the cooperation of the Communities Inhabiting the Area of ​​the “Carpathian” Euroregion.


The first conference opening the Center activities is behind us. Representing our university – Rector prof. Krzysztof Rejman, Dawid Lasek – Secretary General of the Carpathian Euroregion…

The beginning of the third decade of the 21st century brought changes of fundamental importance for the future of the world and Europe. The COVID-19 pandemic requires the verification of strategies in many areas of socio-economic life…

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